Starting a New Food Business

Starting a New Food Business

Starting a new food manufacturing business means there are some essential skills and knowledge that you need to have. No matter what type of product you are making, or are planning to make, everyone needs to understand these topics. These are the food business essentials.

To assist we can offer a number of short courses. Each 1 hour webinar focusses on a specific topic and gives you the essential nuggets of information that you need.

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Starting a New Food Business More information on short courses

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Training needed as your business looks to expand

When you are looking to expand your business and looking for larger customers you may find that you need to achieve a 3rd party certification or be assessed against a customer’s technical standard. Many large customers require some form of certification as part of their supplier approval programme.
Understanding what these programmes entail can help your business meet the relevant standard.

These short courses help you understand the requirements and then put into practice the procedures that your potential customers expect you to have.

Starting a New Food Business
Expanding your business

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Short Courses for New Food Businesses

Starting a New Food Business short courses

Prices for the Tutored courses are available upon request.

The on-line Webinars are charged at £25.00 (excl VAT) per person.
Contact FBA for more information, to discuss your training needs or to arrange a Webinar.